Where are your product manufactured?

Our products are designed and developed in Hong Kong by KBH MOTOR COMPANY. All other aspects of the production cycle - cutting, sewing, quality control are supervised and conducted in our own Chinese factory.

Is your product only suitable for the specified model?

Yes. We fulfill our mission of focusing and producing high-end products. So our products are developed using the original car molds and are only suitable for specified models to ensure a perfect fit.

What is your 100% Satisfaction guarantee?

We are confident that you'll love our product, which is why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. We would offer a full refund and pay for return shipping if you weren't 100% satisfied.

What is your warranty?

We offer a 2 year warranty on our product.

How long will it take for goods to be dispatched?

Stocked products will be dispatched within 24 hours upon receiving your payment. Once the product shipped, the transaction will be mark as "Shipped" with a tracking number included.

How long will the product last?

Many of our customers have installed and used our products for over 3-5 years and are still working great. Simply because our product made of quality heat-resistant and abrasion-resistant material, they can withstand exposure to sunlight and scratches from fingernails, keys, or pet claws.

How to install a replacement covers on the armrest lid?

Basically the original fabric/leather needs to be removed. Once removed the new one can be applied with adhesive or/and staple, we use contact cement here for installation, but many of our customers use 3M Adhesive. We only apply it to the edges of the armrest and new cover. In order to get perfect fit, proper stretching is required during installation.

How to remove creases or wrinkles from a product?

Turn on the hair blow dryer to its hottest, strongest setting. Then position the end of the dryer 10 inches away from the wrinkled surface and move the dryer back and forth so that the hot air is not hitting a single portion of the leather for too long to avoid burning it. The hot air will gradually shrink the leather, effectively removing the wrinkles. Wait for the wrinkles to disappear and wipe the blown surface with a damp towel.